Candy, singer, songwriter, and founder of 'Candy and the Sweet Tooths

Carol Peters (AKA Candy)

Carol Peters, singer/songwriter, has used her many years of experience as a professional musician and a lifetime of working with children to create Candy & the Sweet Tooths.

Carol discovered her knack for working with kids and music many years ago when, as a young girl working at a Camp Fire Girls camp in Oregon, she became leader of the Sing Ring. As her reputation spread, her talents were in demand all over Oregon as she went from camp to camp teaching the traditional camp songs.

Now she has formed this new band, taking the basics of her old camp songs as a starting point to write and arrange more contemporary lyrics and music. The focus of the band is to introduce many different styles of music to children, with lyrics for them to love, sing over and over and pass on to their children.

Her expertise as a mask maker and artist has enabled her to make clever and slightly crazy props, costumes and hats to accompany the band’s performance.

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